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At Footprints, you can find jazztronica, hip-hop, rap, acid jazz, funk, fusion, electro-jazz, jazz, lounge, chillout, arabesque, middle eastern, arabic, trip-hop, downtempo, and alt-pop among the selections. These genres are all characterized by a blend of jazz with other genres such as hip-hop, electronica, lounge, or trip-hop. They often feature complex rhythms, intricate melodies, and intricate arrangements. These genres often incorporate elements of traditional jazz with more modern influences, such as synthesizers and drum machines. They blend elements of jazz with elements of other genres such as hip-hop, electronica, lounge, or trip-hop to create a unique sound that is both modern and traditional. For example, "Jazztronica" is a sub-genre that combines jazz and electronic music, and is often characterized by the use of synthesizers and drum machines. The blending of old and new is similar to creating a delicious dish that draws on traditional flavors and techniques but adds a modern twist. The combination of traditional jazz and modern influences creates a unique flavor that appeals to both traditional and modern tastes. Thus, Jazztronica effectively mixes the old and the new to create a flavorful new genre.

As a producer-based catalog, Footprints combines traditional jazz with modern electronic music production techniques. It is a fusion of genres, combining jazz improvisation with electronica, hip-hop, funk, and more.


Footprints catalog got everything from jazztronica to hip-hop, rap, acid jazz, Funk, fusion, electro-jazz, jazz, lo-fi, lounge, chillout to arabesque, middle eastern, arabic, as well as trip-hop, downtempo, alt-pop and electro-pop. The music features an eclectic mix of influences, blending traditional jazz elements with more modern electronic sounds. The result is a unique, dynamic sound that will take you on a sonic journey. The sound is at once familiar and modern, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres to create something entirely new. Footprints catalog is at the forefront of the post-modern jazztronica movement, setting the tone for other artists to follow. They have taken traditional jazz sounds and mixed them with more contemporary electronic elements to create something that is both new and exciting. They have also used a variety of genres, from traditional jazz to electronic music, to create something new and unique. This innovative approach to music has created a vibrant, dynamic sound that is highly influential in the jazztronica movement. Overall, their approach to music has been incredibly successful and has helped to shape the jazztronica movement.


Footprints catalog explores the art of beat programming, or beat art. Transforming the sound of physical instruments, such as drums, into a digital format. 

Beat programming involves manipulating sounds to produce a unique rhythm, providing for more creative and flexible music production. Beat programming is often used to create instrumental music, as well as to provide the backbone for a wide variety of genres, from hip hop to jazz to electronica. Beat programming also allows producers to create music that sounds unique, as they are able to add nuances that a physical instrument may not be able to. Additionally, the ability to manipulate sounds and create unique rhythms allows producers to create music that may sound more interesting than traditional instruments. Beat programming also allows producers to explore different sounds and harmonies that may not have been possible with physical instruments, as they can layer different sounds together to create more complex soundscapes. Additionally, beat programming allows for more precise control over pitch and timing, which can create more intricate rhythms. All in all, beat programming is a powerful tool that producers can use to create unique sounds and explore their creativity.


Many tracks in the catalog feature bass guitar, electric guitar, synths, electronic soundscapes, drums, percussion, piano, strings, etc. Vocals are often added to create an additional layer of emotion. Guitars are often used to create tension and suspense, while synths and electronic music can be used to create a futuristic or post-modern sound. Percussion and drums can be used to add a sense of rhythm and drive. All of these elements work together to form a cohesive sound that conveys the desired emotion. The bass-line provides a foundation, the electric guitar enhances texture and depth, and the synths and electronic soundscapes add atmosphere and ambiance. The drums and percussion provide movement and emotion, while the strings and piano add melody and emotion. The drums and percussion can also be used to create a certain atmosphere or ambiance, from a light and airy mood to a darker and more foreboding atmosphere. For example, a heavy, distorted bass-line can be used to create a sense of tension and aggression, while a gentler, more melodic bass-line can create a more soothing and calming atmosphere. However, some people argue that strings and piano are more significant than drums and percussion when creating emotion in music. Strings and piano can provide depth and emotion that drums and percussion cannot. In addition, the strings and piano can be used to generate a wider range of sounds than drums and percussion.

For many producers, drums and percussion are more fun than strings and piano. All in all, while drums and percussion are important, the strings and piano tend to be more effective in creating a truly emotional and captivating sound.


It's an eclectic catalog that exudes calm, ethereal, dreamy, energetic, positive, laid back, cool, chill, hypnotic, romantic, elegant, graceful, mega-fashion, and epitomizes Independent Avant Guard music. These qualities make it the right music for a wide range of situations and moods. It's the ideal catalog for movies and films, or just a way to relax and unwind. It's the most satisfying blend of traditional and modern sounds that appeal. The mix of traditional and modern elements, the blend of genres, and the diverse range of moods give it a versatile and timeless music catalog. This can be enjoyed by anyone. The ethereal and hypnotic qualities make it appropriate for retail playlists and scenes. Its laid back and cool sounds make it perfect for relaxing and chilling out. Mega-fashion and elegance make it the top selection for those looking for something more sophisticated. 


Footprint's catalog adapts to the needs of music supervisors, whether you are filming chases or slow motion footage. From dramatic scores to upbeat electronic beats, you can select the right music to suit any scene. Footage provides a wide range of genres, moods, and styles to help you create the right soundtrack for your project. Footprints offers original music, and is the right fit for any budget. Footprints' library of music is steeped in over 25 years of music making and constantly growing. So you can find the song you need for your project today. You can count on Footprints music supervision for the perfect music for your project or film. With our help, you can easily find the right music to bring your scenes to life.


It doesn't matter whether it's an energetic Uptempo or a cool Downtempo, Footprints brings jazztronica to life. Each track has its own unique vibe that resonates with the listener. A distinct blend of electronica and jazz, Footprint's catalog selections leave a lasting impression. 

Footprints “Musics in our DNA”

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