BeatArt: Post-Modern Remnants
Nobody Beats..... Volume 5

Nobody Beats..... Volume 5

Mixed & Arranged by Elmattic

Bil Basmala (formerly known as Autolect) came in hard this year with his four volume Nobody Beats series...he asked me to take the slew of funky, soutronica, neo-hop, authentically deep tracks and create a best of in my usual style. (Meaning lay samples all over the place.) Peep it out and get the upcoming Nobody Beats box set of all five volumes when it drops. You can cop the mix chopped into tracks here, if like that Some Like It Hot sample bugs you or something.

Wake Up / Shots / Prophet (vs. Jeru Tha Damaja) / Vortex / Measure / Yesterday (vs. Jack Lemmon & Joe E. Brown) / Floating Lazarus (vs. Malcolm X) / Time Lapse / Nice / Miles A Head (vs. Miles Davis)

Sort of hosted by Gary Farmer and Johnny Depp. (Elmattic)

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released November 4, 2011

BeatArt: Post-Modern Remnants
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