Sitemap - 2023 - Footprints

Acklan Drops 2nd album of 2024

dHUA min Acklan

Algorythms Lp by Acklan

dHUA - Hooked On Tech (HOT)

FKACO now manages the Footprints Catalog


Off the dribble - dHUA

Acklan - Solitude ft. Dianne Reeves

The Footprints Catalog

ORNG Legacy

Rahmatika by Acklan

audi0 Collection sealed

The SleepWalk Project


Acklan - Isaqama (Selph Orbital Mix) ft. Yaqoob

Pleasure Mine Recordings

Wait for the hour by Bil Basmala

Basmala & The Golden Circle

Audocs 'Goes to market'

Visionary Soul

Pleasure Mine Recordings

dHUA re-releases his Americana roots track 'Fugitive Slave Act (1850)'

REIN by Bil Basmala

Ghana (Movement One) by Bil Basmala

HA Drops new artwork at 21 Fortune Hills

Nobody Beats..... Volume 5

Control Room (EP/Album)

Wildcraft Analog (Side A)

Wildcraft Analog (Side B)

Autology Vol. One

Autology Vol. Two

HA talks briefly about, where he has been, what he is doing and The, Grandson of jazz album.

In The Sun (Its 1.0)

Golden Circle


Radio Free Gaza

Wird Worl

Every Mans Universe

Bil Basmala (Self Titled)

Chemistry Teraqueous

Eastern Department

Blaqods Lp

Basmala Lp

Post-Modern Industrial Boombox

Woodbridge 83

AOB Revisited

The Man That Fell to Earth

Usephasan - Crytposmith



Nobody Beats.....Volumes One-Four

Respect Due (Aphrodite Video Mix)

Noted - Autolect


Akh Fantastic ft. Autolect x Fanatik (onBeats)

Think Drink

Brave New Worl (Mix)



Tura & The Beatsmith

A, Good Night.....

Roosters Go Back To The Koop

Jazzy Stax, Vol.1

dHATA: Money, Food & I.D.

Celestines Progeny (Reissue)

The Walk


Famous Human Mammals (FHM)

Background Radiation

.....Deep Blue by Autolect (Vinyl+CD Reissue)

Why the creator ISNI is becoming super important

Traces (music label)

Stream Wirl in The Wind by Basmala

Urban Sufi Music: ONE

Ruby Knot (Untied) by dHUA

What's Lost & What's Found

Indi Go In Blue

Shades of eve

Fushihojoki (The Album)

Cosmic ISA

Open Road (Ambiance)

Grassroot Caliphas (1995)

Fatah by HA

Quiet Storm (What A Brother Know?)